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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will peed on the potty!!!

We were sooo excited!!! He was in the bathtub and he looked over to the potty and pointed and said "pee." This isn't anything new, he's been saying that a lot, since he comes into the bathroom with us reguarly. So I asked him if he wanted to pee on the potty and he said yes. I got him out of the tub and sat him on the potty (we have a baby bjorn seat that fits on our toilet.. our bathroom is kind of small for a little potty chair) and at first, nothing happened. He's sat on the seat several times since we got it, but nobody really expected anything to happen. I've also been making small straining sounds to get him to try out those muscles... and tonight, when he did it, he actually peed! He looked kinda surprised, looked down to see what was happening, then got this huge smile on his face! We were all so happy and proud of him! I told him anytime he wanted to pee on the potty he could come get us and we'd help him.

Since he's only 22 months old, I really didn't expect him to do this, and I'm not sure when it will happen again... we are really positive about it though, whether he goes or not, we always make a big deal of sitting on it. And he could sit in a wet/poopy diaper for a long time and not care! So we'll see where it goes from here. What a big milestone!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

20 weeks and all is well

I had my 20 week checkup (that's halfway already!) the other day and everything is going just fine. I won't get another ultrasound until about a month from now, but I really have a feeling it's a girl. I've only had one dream about the baby, and in the dream it was a girl, but I thought Will was a girl too and I was wrong. I just feel so totally different this time, it seems like my pregnancy with Will was a lot more intense and I felt a lot worse. Even my skin was broken out more. This one, it's a lot more mellow, I have more energy, the baby moves but not as active as Will was. It will be interesting to get to know him/her and see how different they are! This is such a trip!

Here is a picture of me at 20 weeks. Just for comparison, here's 12 weeks!

20 weeks and all is well

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20 weeks and all is well


Friday, September 15, 2006

Middle Eastern grocery in Saginaw!

I am SO happy!! It's only been open for a week, it's called Yasmeen's and it's on Bay Rd, across the street and kitty corner from the Olive Garden. Their prices are really reasonable, and they even have Halal meats... which I'm sure nobody else in the area sells at all... there aren't many Muslims here but I'm sure they will be very pleased! The owner was very friendly and helpful too. I'm going to be shopping there as much as possible, they are going to be opening up a deli soon too. This is great! :D

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9-11

May all who lost someone on such a horrible day find peace in their hearts... even if it's just a little more than last year. I watched the coverage on TV today and was reminded of the enorminity (hope that's a word) of it all. I saw a display at a bank today as a tribute to FDNY firefighters and got so choked up I had to leave. What a sad day.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Back from our trip to the UP

And I was so sad to leave! :( I know I won't be back for quite a long time, since it was really hard to sit in the car as long as I did, even with breaks. My poor tailbone! The good thing is that my mom is coming here for a visit at the end of this month, and my dad, possibly for Christmas. But it's not the same, I'm really homesick this year, really bad... can't do much about it now though. :(

Once I get some pictures up on Shutterfly I'll post the link here. But I haven't had the time to do it yet. Between Will, laundry, housework and just being pooped, it's not real high on my list of things to do!

We went to this park on the way back here, and saw this really cool big spring, I'll post some pictures we took of it later on. If anyone is in the Manistique area or en route along that part of US 2, it's well worth the stop! It's in a state park so you need to pay the fee to get in, but it was just so neat, I would happily go back.

The pregnancy is progressing nicely. I feel babe move all the time now, just nice little nudges, not the crazy whacks of later on! I have a feeling I might be getting a little colostrum now, even though I can't get anything to come out. I'm basing that guess on the character of recent poopy diapers. Colostrum is a laxative, and, well, you can guess the rest! He's been wanting to nurse more often too which is another sign, makes me happy and more confident that we'll make it til I have real milk again.

Being home was nice, it was a little cooler, very dry though, and I got to spend time with my friend Laura (see her blog!) who I hadn't seen in over a year. I saw other friends too, and family, it was just nice to be HOME... I do miss it a lot although I'm still happy, for many reasons, to be having my children down here. I just cried the day before we left, I was not happy to be coming back, ugh!

More later when I get more pictures!