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Thursday, June 29, 2006

All is well...

I saw the doctor today and things are going perfectly. Not much to say really! I'm just irritated that their new scale weighs me about 6 pounds heavier than the old one! My bathroom scale was the same as their old one and now it's way off! I think it's a conspiracy!

Anyway all is well but I figured it was... next month hopefully we'll hear a heartbeat.

I have a good friend who went in today to be induced, it's her first! I haven't heard a thing yet so I hope it's all gone well and that she didn't have a 50 hour ordeal like I did!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Finally, an update

I'm 8 weeks pregnant now and the nausea is just starting to really bug me. Either that or I just had a bad day. I managed to make it through my dental appointment today, but since then I've just felt yukky! It is really hard being pregnant with a toddler. He needs a lot of attention and I just don't have the energy half the time. Either I can go out and play with him, or make dinner, but not both. I hope as things go along that I'll be feeling better in the very near future! For a while there, I didn't even feel pregnant, but this is a very familiar feeling now and it's back! I have been taking naps with him every day too because it's the only chance I get for a good rest... so that's been limiting my computer time.

Tomorrow I see the doctor for my first OB visit. I am sure things will be fine, it all seems to be going along normally!

Despite the nausea, I had a huge, sudden Taco Bell craving tonight! I'd gotten Will to bed and as I stepped out of his room, I thought... nachos bell grande!!! So after joking with my husband, off I went and got one of those and a 7 layer burrito. I have just felt starving and sick all day today and I just got done eating, it tasted soooo good and I'm sure it's really bad for me! Hopefully this will be a rare occurance because I don't want to make a habit of it!

This weekend my dad is coming for a visit and we're going to see some relatives on Sunday, then it's to my in law's summer home for a couple of days. We'll be off to the U.P. since I haven't been home in over 6 months... I'm really looking forward to it and I HOPE I am not sick the whole time!!! I was feeling so good there that we made travel plans... not I'm not so sure but I'm not cancelling them!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some big news!

Clane and I are happy to report that I am pregnant, and we are expecting in February! It was kind of a surprise, we knew we wanted another baby but did not expect it to happen so fast! I am about 6 weeks along now and feeling pretty good. I feel totally different than I did when I was pregnant with Will, it seems like I was a lot more tired and sick by this time. I kept a diary so I've been referring back to that. I am also craving meat which is very strange since I am usually a semi vegetarian. I had a whole can of salmon for lunch today! So I must need the protein. I've also been eating things not typical for a woman in early pregnancy... like kale and swiss chard (with lots of garlic!)! So maybe I'll feel better this time around.

Not much else beats that news... I'm off to create a new ticker now, to add to my big collection!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

OHHH! The bread!

In my last post in May, I promised I'd report back about the bread I made from "wild" yeast. Well, it did not turn out the best. It did rise, and had a mild sourdough flavor but it was very dense and just was not one of my best creations. This past week I made Parker House rolls, which turned out REALLY good! The problem was I made them too large so if you eat one you are really full. It made many so half of them went into the freezer so they wouldn't get moldy. The heat/humidity here in the summer (even with A/C on) is not kind to homemade bread! If you click on the link above and try them, you will need at least 2 more cups of flour than it says. My dough was REALLY wet until I added a lot more. Worth the time though!

More sickness...

It seems like my son is always sick. :( My mom said I was rarely sick as a child, and formula fed at that. My 100% breastfed, never-a-drop-of-formula in his life son seems to be constantly sick these days! He either has a virus or it's his teeth... but it sure has made for some horrible nights since about Wednesday night. I feel like the walking dead. And it feels like this week has lasted several years. You would think a sick child would at least happily nap, but not my son! No way. He's been running some pretty good temps that have been completely resistant to Tylenol, which worries me a bit but at least Motrin brings them down.

Today I made a pasta salad out of smoked salmon today that was pretty good. Think: tuna pasta salad with mayo, onion and celery, but with smoked salmon. I'm happy! Since my husband does not like canned salmon, it's ALL MINE!

I recenly had a birthday and had a little money to spend. So this week I've spent a lot of time on Ebay bidding on stamps for my collection. I had been watching a few auctions that I was really interested in, but unfortunately the price went too high for me... but I was able to get something similar but not as nice/large as what I'd originally found. However between the things I have won, I should be plenty busy adding to my albums for quite a few months!

Yesterday my neighbor Annie came over and we sat in the garage having a few beers. It was funny because we looked a little like the guys on King of the Hill standing out at the road with beers... except we sat in lawn chairs with the garage door open! It had been raining on and off and we just sat and watched Will play and watched the traffic go by. (He was in the middle of one of his Motrin doses so was feeling ok at that point.)

Not much else to say, except this month is the month of birthdays. My mom, step mom and mother in law, AND my hubby's grandma all have birthdays this month. So does my husband and one of his good friends. We have quite a bit of shopping to do!