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Sunday, June 04, 2006

OHHH! The bread!

In my last post in May, I promised I'd report back about the bread I made from "wild" yeast. Well, it did not turn out the best. It did rise, and had a mild sourdough flavor but it was very dense and just was not one of my best creations. This past week I made Parker House rolls, which turned out REALLY good! The problem was I made them too large so if you eat one you are really full. It made many so half of them went into the freezer so they wouldn't get moldy. The heat/humidity here in the summer (even with A/C on) is not kind to homemade bread! If you click on the link above and try them, you will need at least 2 more cups of flour than it says. My dough was REALLY wet until I added a lot more. Worth the time though!

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