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Monday, July 31, 2006

Friend in Beirut

I have an email friend of several years who is Lebanese and has lived in Beirut for many years now. I had not heard anything from her and thankfully she was able to email me today. Things are just so horrible over there, and it makes me so upset, I just can't stand the thought of it, especially reading about it from someone right in it, first hand. She said they don't even feel sad anymore because it is just too much. :( Thankfully they were able to go up into the mountains so they aren't in the city anymore, she said the bombs from the airstrikes go so far underground that you can't hide from them anywhere.

It is now 97 degrees here at my house, heat index of 107. I really, really am starting to intensely dislike summer. It is still supposed to be in the 90's at 8 pm so too hot to even take Will out to play. This is the time of year I start wishing for snow!! Don't be mad, if you lived inside my body, you would too!

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