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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good chance it's a girl!

We had another ultrasound today, and although the tech didn't get a perfect view, she was reasonably sure we're having a girl! So I went out and got a bunch of girl clothes (been waiting to see, so I knew how to shop), now watch it's a boy anyway! The tech who did Will's ultrasound was not totally sure he was a boy either, but she turned out to be right... so we are thinking our hunches were correct this time. We are pretty excited!! :)

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Lisanne said...

YEAH!!! That's *so* neat, Liz! Congratulations! Oh well, if it *is* a girl, then you'll have girly stuff ... and if it's a boy, you'll already have boy stuff! You win either way! hehe :) So happy and excited for you!