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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

30 week check up

Everything is going fine - my doctor told me, "I can't find a thing wrong with you!" My blood pressure, thankfully is just fine, I am going to watch it closely from here on out though, because the last time I was pregnant, I had to start medication at 31 weeks. Plus, I was having abnormal heart rhythms and had to see a cardiologist. I am really hoping that my body copes with this better this time, so I won't need any meds or anything else. My 1 hour glucose test was great at 85 and I'm not anemic or anything so that's good too. The baby is head down and measuring just as it should. Every now and then, I can feel something bony (maybe a shoulder or elbow?) digging into the right side of my pelvis, it doesn't hurt but I don't remember Will doing that. It must be comfortable that way because it happens a lot.

I will post a link to a belly shot as soon as I can get my husband to take one!

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