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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

36 weeks! And more on scabby kitty...

I'm really in the home stretch now! I have hopes of having a January baby, but, in all likelihood, I will have a February baby - probably later than the 7th! I see the doctor every week now and all was well yesterday. My blood pressure continues to be excellent without meds, and she is happy with everything else. There is really not much to report, just that things are going along well and even though it feels like it might take forever, it's really not that long. And the time seems to be going by so fast, with Will to take care of! I'm always busy it seems!

Our kitty still has scabs. :( They are mainly on the front part of her neck, and although there aren't new ones that I can tell, the vet still wants to see her next week. We are probably going to get her another cortisone shot, the vet said there is often a seasonal component to food allergies in cats. She didn't want to keep giving the cortisone but she wanted to get rid of the problem before spring came and brings her more allergens. The cats are doing great on their new food, even Kali's fur is softer and shinier than it's been in a long time. She doesn't have that funky greasy feeling she had to her fur (especially where she can't reach it to groom herself) before and P's winter coat is growing in nice and shiny and thick. So I am hoping P checks out OK and maybe this last shot is enough to clear it up the rest of the way. Trying to brush/comb out the scabs is so gross!! It grosses me out each time. Funny I've seen SO many nasty things, yet scabs on a cat just make me queasy!


Lisanne said...

Wow ~ 36 weeks. Seems like yesterday that *I* was in that position! hehe :) Good luck, and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Having two is SO much fun!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be fun if she was born on Liam's birthday! That would be cool!!!!
I'm going shopping next week, what would you like???