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Friday, August 04, 2006

Google Earth is really cool!

You can download it here. But, a warning... it is VERY addictive!! (Laura, I even looked up Ft. Irwin... weird!!) We just spent about 45 minutes looking up places we went in Germany, lots of places in Michigan and didn't even get to a lot of the really cool stuff. What a fun way to waste time online, as if we need more!!


~Laura~ said...

I LOVE Google Earth, and you're right, it is very addictive! Isn't it amazing all the technology our kids will take for granted, when I can remember in grade school a CALCULATOR was bigger than a notebook and nobody even had one because they cost around 32 million dollars or something like that. (Someone from Tech came and showed us a prototype!) We were amazed! LOL

Jessica said...

Ok I dont get it. Maybe I am not doing it right, but I couldnt see anything but the fields and dirt and stuff.