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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh do I feel like CRAP today...

I am just NOT happy about this part of pregnancy. All day today, I have felt just down and out... no energy, headache, pukey, tired (that's not even the right word, more like run over).... my husband sent me downstairs to our guest room and I was down there from 2 pm til almost 7 pm... spent most of that asleep. I went to bed late last night (had a Coke - BAD!) and just didn't sleep well, couldn't get Will back to sleep in the morning either. It is so hard when I feel like I have nothing to give, my energy bank account, if you will, is bouncing, I'm constantly a few cents from going in the red. I just hope that I feel better, I don't want the whole pregnancy to be like this. I didn't get that second trimester energy the last time, and now I don't have much hope for it this time either. My poor son. I feel like he's getting the rotten end of this because I'm just no fun to live with right now.

We spent yesterday out and about, went to look at a car not far from Clane's folks' summer home, so we went up there too and spent the day. I was feeling kind of sick from the heat, and a nap helped, but we didn't eat well because we were on the go, and it was too warm I think, but Will had a really good time playing in the lake and it was nice and relaxing. I just think I'm paying for it today.

Well enough of this, I really should be spending this time getting to sleep instead of getting sucked into finding more stuff to do online...

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