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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today my son brought me a few of his toys to get nursies. He brought me a black bear puppet, lifted up my shirt, and put it to my boob! I pretended to nurse the bear, figured bears get nursies in the wild so why not pretend? But then he brought me this lego car (he has a bunch of those giant legos) and INSISTED that I nurse the car! I started to, then thought, this is crazy!! So I told him that cars can't get nursies because they don't have mouths. He was very persistant but eventually gave up. Then a few minutes later, he repeated the whole procedure with this little snack cup we put crackers in for the road. I had to tell him all over again about the no mouth thing. Anyway I found the whole thing highly amusing!

We regularly go through the "cats get nursies, dogs get nursies, whales get nursies, elephants get nursies, cows get nursies... birds don't get nursies..." I suppose now I need to add "cars don't get nursies, containers don't get nursies... " etc.


Jessica said...

LOL. Thats too cute. Liam hasnt tried anything like that yet, but I'm sure his time is coming!

~Laura~ said...

That's hilarious! He must really like his lego car, to be willing to share nursies with it! Can't wait to see him this summer, and you guys too of course!


That is too cute Liz... you nursing the toys.. Emily does not want anything anywhere near her's. She is kinda back in the routine too btw... I think she is nursing like 4-5x A DAY... I am not sure if she's getting anyting but I am sorta happy.. It hurts like hell but I am happy. I was soooo not ready to give it up.