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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Today is my due date, I guess. Honestly I would be more willing to go with the 12th, only because when I look at my dates and the bigger picture it makes more sense. In any case, I saw the doctor yesterday and she royally pissed me off by attempting to get me used to the idea of induction - I'm not even due, this is a totally healthy pregnancy, and there is no reason for it! So she will have to make a very convincing argument, if I do need to see her next week in the office. I will not be induced because of the day on the calendar. I will consider it if there are concrete signs that the baby is not well or if I am not well, but otherwise, she will have to step outside her comfort zone and live with my decisions. In the meantime, she suggested (at least!!) evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf tea. I have both so yesterday I started taking EPO and drinking as much tea as I could stand.

Yesterday after my appointment I met Clane for lunch. I started having Braxton-Hicks contrations during lunch and I had them for the rest of the day, they were still going when I went to bed. I have had a few this morning and I am sure they are helping things along, but they are really nothing to get excited about.

I am going to the hospital for a non-stress test on Monday if I'm still pregnant, and I will see the doctor again on Tuesday. I know at that point she will try to get me to set an induction date but she will have to be pretty convincing. If my NST is normal, and her exam checks out normal, I will go home and continue to wait. Unless she can tell me that the baby is definitely compromised, she will have to bear with me. If I am really only 40 weeks on Monday next week, in my opinion, it is still jumping the gun and really inappropriate to be talking about such an invasive procedure! I'm just really mad that she is laying all this on me now and that I have something else to worry about when I should just be relaxing!!

Otherwise, all is well. My BP is excellent, I am showing no signs of trouble, the baby sounds great and is doing very well, so there should be no need for this kind of crap, right?

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Lisanne said...

I'm glad that I got to miss the NST that I had scheduled with Miss Meredith, hehe! :) Thinking of you and wishing you good luck! Glad you're doing great.