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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Maybe a LITTLE is happening...

Things are going along well! I'll see the doctor on Tuesday, supposedly my "due" date is Wednesday the 7th but honestly I think it is more like a week from now or so. In any case, on Thursday night I had some pretty good contractions, they lasted well into the night but they were mild enough that I fell asleep before they went away. I had more on Friday but they weren't as frequent. By the weekend, they had pretty much stopped. Just some practice, they weren't painful or intense, just enough to notice them. Every little bit helps! I still don't think I will have this baby for another couple of weeks. It's just my gut feeling about it.

I also think this baby is going to be smaller than Will. He was 9 lb 8 oz and I just don't feel as big or swollen like I did with him. I am still wearing my wedding rings but my legs have gotten pretty puffy.

Aside from some minor organizational stuff, we are pretty much ready. The clothes and diapers are all washed, we have the baby bed upstairs now and all the bedding for that is washed. I've washed the car seat cover but still need to wipe down the car seat itself and have Clane install the base. I'm all stocked up on breast pads (I leaked like a maniac last time, for a really long time too) and baby wipes and still have a ton of baby wash that we're still using with Will. All I need is my body to start gearing up a little more intensely! I'm glad that I don't feel too bad most of the time, that's making things a little easier for now.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting so excited for you! I think it would be so cool if she were born on Brother Bear's bday! His party is the 17th! I dont know if I heard, but do you have names picked out?
BTW my boss is from the UP, and he has some Finnish background. He is always talking in some language I dont understand...haha

Lisanne said...

Good luck! Definitely sounds like stuff is starting to happen. You'll have your little girl before you know it! I *love* having a boy *and* a girl. SO neat! Thinking of you!

Carolynn said...

Wow -- you're all positive & mellow sounding! I'm starting to be kinda psycho, lol. Can't wait to see ya Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for baby to be here! I'm so excited for you. Oh, to have a sweet newborn again!