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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It is FINALLY raining! We haven't had a good rain since over a week ago, and it was at least a week to 10 days before that. It is raining now and will rain for the next several days. Good thing because it's been so dry. My flowers will be happy! I've been watering them but rain is better I think. Of course that will water the weeds too but maybe the ground will be soft enough for me to pull them out.

And, my son is FINALLY going to get a molar! He hasn't had a new tooth since November. He's got all 8 of his front teeth in but nothing more. His gums have been swollen for a while now but on one side it is getting purplish and I can see the tooth beneath the gum. So I wonder how long the poor little guy is going to suffer this time around?? Teething must be really awful, good thing we don't remember it! I don't recall my wisdom teeth bugging me though when they broke through, I was in high school and it didn't hurt or anything.

We are having a good visit here with my mom. She had medical stuff and so far so good. She's all pooped out between the 14 hour bus ride that was more like 16 hours this time (she said an accident delayed the bus) and we've been running every day since she got here. Tomorrow we don't have to go anywhere til dinner time, then we are going to a potluck for Green Seed. I am making hummus and tabouli for that, and throughout the day I will be making a big pot of ham bean soup. I have a ham bone in the freezer and I've got beans soaking right now as we speak. If it's raining and cold it will be a good day to make soup.

Our gutters are working pretty good, my husband worked so hard to get them up and then we had no rain for so long. Today was the first real heavy rain we've had in a really long time, and the gutters were like a waterfall!! They are working well. Although we'll have to do some experimenting with a couple of downspouts because they cross sidewalks.

Maybe I'll be able to update this more in the next few days because we don't have a lot of running to do!

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Jessica said...

Well I'm not coming over for dinner! You know I hate ham and bean soup!