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Thursday, May 11, 2006


My mom is here visiting as you know and our guest room is in our basement. I woke up this morning and met Mom in the kitchen and she said, my bedroom floor is all wet! So I said "NOOOOO!!!!" and went downstairs. When I saw all the water, I said "NOOOOOO!!!!!" Then I came up and called my husband at work (which I never do that time of morning) and when he saw who it was he thought "NOOOOOO!" and then I told him what happened and he said "NOOOOOO!!!" and came home from work. I vacuumed and emptied the shop vac probably 6-7 times today and we still are not done. We took out the carpet from the guest room because the padding was acting like a big sponge and keeping all the water inside it. The other room is where the main computers are and a bunch of parts and our stuff from college, papers that we didn't want to toss but didn't need to be up in the filing cabinet, etc. That room is SOAKED.

I think it will take a few days work to get that room sorted out enough so that we can pull out the carpet there too. I am actually glad to see the carpet go, I think it is silly to carpet basement floors, especially with padding, unless you know you are going to always have a dry basement. We have always had water problems in our basement. We put gutters up but I think the ground got so wet and two of the spouts drain near a drainage ditch that is full... all of these things did not help. What a mess!!!

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