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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Want to support a good cause?

I am a member of La Leche League of Saginaw, which as you might know provides information, help and support to breastfeeding mothers. We are doing a fundraiser right now, to raise money for books for our library (we loan them out to anyone who wants to read them), pamphlets for people who need help and we want to be able to buy breast pumps to loan out as well. You can help by going to Current, Inc. and just start shopping. When you are done, you need to select "Michigan" from a drop down menu, then on the next page make sure to select "La Leche League of Saginaw" since there is another group there which is plain "La Leche League" and if you pick that one, our group will not get the funding. Then continue to fill out the rest as usual, and that's it!

Current sells gift wrap that is nice, greeting cards, scrapbooking stuff, garden stuff, housewares and a lot of other little things! And our group gets 50% of all sales. Thanks for your help!

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