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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sick Sick Sick...

This SUCKS!!! I almost never get sick, so when I do, I sure do whine a lot! I started getting a sore throat late Thursday night and over the weekend it was so bad I could hardly swallow! I was running a low grade fever too, it got up to almost 100 and that was with both Tylenol and Advil! My husband got it too, and his temp was almost 102! Sophie was even crabby, had a low fever and wasn't sleeping very well, and was spitting up a lot more than usual. I called my doctor this morning and they said there have been a lot of people coming in with really bad sore throats, and about 50% of them have been strep!! I had a temp of 99.4 with Tylenol on board so I asked to be seen, went in this afternoon and they did a throat culture. So I'll find out probably Wednesday if anything showed up. I am thinking it's going to be negative, I think people with strep throat are way sicker than I am, I can function a little as long as I keep up with the pain meds. My head hurts and my neck glands have been so sore that I can't sleep because the pillow pressing on them hurts. And I wake myself up whenever I need to swallow because that hurts too! Ugh! I really, really hate this.

So far, it looks like Will is the only one who seems to be doing OK. I'll find out in the next few days if he is going to get it or not. That's funny, because usually he is the one who brings sick into this house!

As an add-on, I have a few clips from You Tube that I really like (besides the fat rant) that I need to post up here - mainly because they are funny, but there is one cool belly dance clip that I really like, this lady can really dance... there is some great belly dancing going on in Russia right now! When I have time (yeah right) I'll have to do a You Tube post...

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Carolynn said...

Yuck! I can't even remember how many times I had strep throat growing up... I hope you feel better soon! :) Maybe you can come visit later in the week!